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At Romanello & Rodriguez Law, P.A., we believe that estate planning is a necessity irrespective of one's life stage. We all stand to benefit significantly from an estate plan tailored to our requirements. Proactively planning for the future not only sets in place your desires, but it also helps your loved ones administer your wishes upon your passing.

Within our practice, we conceptualize an estate plan as the blueprint for one's wishes for the future and, if necessary, how to implement that blueprint during the probate process. Our mission is to help you craft a contingency plan while providing legal counsel at an accessible cost. Our attorneys have real-world experience in formulating estate plans that strategically guide individuals and families in shaping their futures and offering legal guidance through the complex probate system.

Romanello & Rodriguez Law, P.A. emanated from a commitment to serve and empower those in need of legal counsel. We are dedicated to every facet of the estate planning and probate process, ensuring a streamlined experience for our clients. We also know that planning for your future is an evolving journey, and we strive to be there for our clients through all the changes life may bring.

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Creditor Claims
Did your loved one leave behind credit card debts? Are you receiving requests for payments of any kind of debt held in your loved one’s name? We can help. Under Florida Law, there is an order of priority for paying back a deceased person's debts. Contact us to figure out what to do next.

R&R Law is a full-service probate and estate planning law firm. Our goal is to ease the burden of probate through step-by-step legal guidance with a strong emphasis on communication and empathetic support.


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